Daily Prompt: My Favorite

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.

via Daily Prompt: My Favorite.


A year and a half ago, Adrian was working for a cabinet shop that was facing tough times.  When it was all said and done, the shop ended up closing and Adrian was left out of work.  Through some friends of ours, he found out about a job opportunity as a project manager for a contractor.  Unfortunately, the work site was in Maida, North Dakota.  Yeah, that was my reaction too.  Where the heck is that?  Well, it is located just south of the Canadian border.  He could literally stand at his work site and throw a rock into Canada.

At 800 miles and 12 hours away, he would be gone for at least a week at a time, if not longer.  While it was a difficult decision to make, we decided that it was the best option we had at that time.  So he packed up, and off to Maida he went.

He left on May 30th.  His expected return would be sometime around June 11th or 12th.


Saying good-bye.

If I look like I had been crying it's because I was.

If I look like I had been crying it’s because I was.

The first week he was gone was so hard.  We all missed him so bad.  We were very thankful for cell phones and Skype during that time.  We even lucked out in that Adrian’s phone was the only one that had decent reception.  Those phone calls every evening are what got us through that first trip out.

Fun pictures like this one did too.  Adrian is 6’5″.  Apparently they’re not that tall in ND.

"Everyone here is 4 ft tall and have bells on their shoes."

“Everyone here is 4 ft tall and have bells on their shoes.”

Looking back over my Facebook posts from that time reminded me of how much we missed each other.



As you enter into situations like these, you don’t know how you are going to make it through all that time apart, but something in you gets you through it.  You dig down deep and find that spark of courage and love and hold on tight until you are back together again.

I had a race on June 5th in the morning, so the boys spent the night at Grandma’s.  I hadn’t really had a chance to talk to Adrian that evening.  Just a quick call from him to let me know that they were going to be working late at the site so they could be sure to beat a deadline.  When the phone rang at 12:30am, it was finally him, but he asked me if I could go out to our garage and check to see if he still had a hammer drill in there.  Apparently they needed one up at the job site, and I was going to have to overnight this to him if he had it.  I drowsily got out of bed, started for the door, realized I was still just in my jammies, went back for a robe, then thought I should probably bring Gwennie along with me since we were still in our apartment at this time and our garage was across the parking lot from our place.  All at the same time thinking, “What the heck is a hammer drill?”

I finally got situated and got Gwennie ready to head out.  I had only cracked the door a smidgen when she started barking like mad, not a usual practice of hers, and I caught a glimpse of someone sitting just outside my apartment door.  My heart stopped and started at least 3 times before I realized that it was Adrian, sitting there on his suitcase with a total shit-eating grin on his face.

I was so surprised and happy to see him!  I burst into tears and just wrapped my arms around his neck and wouldn’t let go.  It was one of the most amazing things with which he has ever surprised me.  I had it set in my heart that he was going to be gone for two weeks.  It was heart-breaking and unimaginable but I had to get through it so I had built a wall around my emotions about it.  When I opened that door and saw him sitting there, that wall came crashing down around me and I was in heaven.

"Look who showed up (literally) on my front door step last night!"

“Look who showed up (literally) on my front door step last night!”
Gwennie was pretty happy to see him too.

Thankfully, this job only lasted 3 or 4 months.  I don’t know how couples handle it when someone has to be gone for long periods of time on a regular basis, but I give them so much credit.  For those mom’s left behind caring for the kids and keeping the house running, for the dad’s that have to be away from their families and the comfort of home, for the kids who may or may not understand what is going on or why things are the way they are – they all have my prayers.  Being away from your favorite person or people is hard, but in the end it really can draw you all closer together and create a deeper relationship as you once again go through another trying time.


Oh, and a hammer drill is a real thing after all…


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