Friday Feature: The be nice Store

Did you know I have a Zazzle store? It’s true! For quite a while, I’ve only had 2 items in it. They were these two bumper stickers:



Surprisingly, without advertising these, they have sold fairly well. I’ve wanted to expand my Zazzle store for some time now, but I didn’t have an original idea that I felt was worth developing.

That changed following the Boston Marathon bombing (as well as all of the other sad events recently). I have always tried to fight for the good in life. I try to stay upbeat and friendly. I’m always usually smiling. (How’s that?) I try to practice random acts of kindness on a regular basis. Basically, I don’t understand how people can have such disregard to the rest of the human race. It all comes down to one thing for me.

be nice!

This is my challenge to you. be nice! And to help you remember and to encourage the others in your life, I have created a plethora of products for your purchasing pleasure.

Just visit my Zazzle store here to find wonderful items like these:


bumper stickers – also available in pink and red

t-shirts - girl cut and men's

t-shirts – girl’s cut and men’s

black t-shirts - girl's cut and men's

black t-shirts – girl’s cut and men’s



coffee mugs

coffee mugs

And many more including iPhone cases, note pads, stationary, baby t-shirts, keychains… you name it, it’s there, and if not, I can probably make one for you, just let me know!

(There’s a permanent link on my home page now as well.)

Come on over and check it out!

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