Weekly Wrap Up: 05/04/13


I couldn’t resist. This is like a National Holiday at my house!

So far, I feel like I’ve been doing pretty well on this 30 day Paleo challenge.  Of course, I’m 4 days in, so I’m not sure how much that really says.  But even though Saturday is my typical cheat day, so far I haven’t, and probably won’t.  I was eating a salad for lunch (because I wanted to, not because I had to) and both boys told me, “Mom, you can be fat today.  You don’t have to eat salad.”  Nice of them to give me permission to be fat.

Originally I was hoping to get together with our friends tonight for a Cuatro de Mayo dinner, but they all already had plans, so since I don’t have to worry about tacos and tortillas and margaritas, why mess up a good thing?

I’m not sure anyone else is participating, though one said they were for sure, but I’m keeping on it.  And it feels different this time.  It’s not a have to.  It’s a want to.  It doesn’t feel as hard or as depriving.  And putting away the scale has lifted so much weight (see what I did there?) off my shoulders.  I was definitely putting too much emphasis on that.

Weekly Wrap Up!


I’m still reading the Walking Dead Graphic Novels.  I probably said this before, but I love how the story in them is a bit different than the story on the TV show.  I feel like I can’t read it fast enough to find out what’s going to happen next!



I found a new Doctor Who board called “Bigger on the Inside” and I really had to restrain myself from just repinning EVERYTHING she had on it.  I absolutely loved this one though!  Click the Pinterest logo to see more!


Ten as Five



We watched Gangster Squad this week.  When Adrian was looking at the previews and deciding what movie to buy on PPV, it really didn’t catch my interest, but once we started watching it, it was really good!  I really like Josh Brolin (I think it’s a Goonies thing), and while I don’t usually go for the whole Ryan Gosling as a sex symbol thing (until he takes his shirt off) he was really great as the romeo in this story.  My hair idol, Emma Stone is in it too as well as Sean Penn.  If you’re looking for a great 50’s Gangster movie, you should check this one out.  Oh, and it’s based on a true story too.


PS – be nice!

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