30 Day Journal: Day 6 05/06/13

Oops!  I forgot to journal yesterday!!  There goes those points.  So I thought I’d just pop in a quick review of yesterday this morning.

I had two sick kiddos home with me yesterday so it was a pretty quiet day on the couch for the most part.  We watched Doctor Who, Orphan Black and the new Fright Night movie (well Colten and I watched it.  Josh went to his room to watch The Walking Dead.)  I really liked Fright Night and not just because David Tennent is in it.  But, I’ll save the review for Friday.

My friend Kris signed us up for the Color Run on June 1st.  She wanted to run a race and wanted someone to go with her, so I said sure!  While I was out running yesterday, I decided that I would go ahead and switch from the C25K plan for time to the C25K plan for distance.  I think that by the end of the time plan, I would be meeting the distance, but now that I’m for sure going to have to go the full 5K, I should probably make sure I can do it first.  So I’m just going to pick up the same week in the distance plan as I’m on in the time plan.  My run did go well and I went the farthest I have so far on this plan.

Food Journal:

Asparagus Omlette – Surprisingly good.  I wasn’t sure to start with, but I really liked it!
2 Clementines

Carrots and Broccoli
Small Apple

Pork Roast
Sweet Potato
Green Beans
Primal Fudge – Holy moly!  SO GOOD!  Click the pic to get to the recipe.


My fudge may or may not be a bit thicker than this picture…

Exercise Journal:

C25K Week 6 Day 1
2.8 miles total
34 Minutes

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