Summer Science: Naked Egg

Summer’s off and running!  The boys are glad to be out of school and I’m enjoying spending some extra time with them.  On the last day of school I told them to think of fun things that we could do together during the time that I’m home until I get a job.  I suggested to Josh that we could do some science experiments.  He loves that and immediately started looking online for ideas of things we could try.  So far, we tried to make slime twice and made a naked egg.

For the slime, most recipes use borax and glue.  We had the glue, but not borax.  Josh found a couple of recipes that didn’t require borax.  The first one was just glue and liquid laundry detergent.  We tried it and never quite reached the slime consistency.  The only liquid laundry detergent we had is the free and clear kind for sensitive skin.  My suspicion is that whatever it is that they take out of the detergent is what we needed to make the slime.

The other recipe was using Dawn dish detergent and baking soda.  Again, this never gelled into slime.

Borax is now on the grocery list.  And more glue.  We also want to make some Oobeck so we need corn starch.

The naked egg worked out a bit better.

We followed the instructions and put our egg in vinegar and left it in the fridge for a couple of days.  It never got the clear look to it, but it definitely got soft.

Day One.  You can see the bubbles starting on the shell.

Day One. Look at all the bubbles starting on the shell.

Day Four.  Not clear like we expected, but you can see the yolk and the egg is more yellowish.

Day Four. Not clear like we expected, but you can see the yolk and the egg is more yellowish.

Very squishy.

Very squishy.

Here’s a quick video I shot showing how it was bouncy and trying to get a better shot of the yolk.

Once we get the necessary supplies we’ll be working on those other experiments and we’ll definitely share it you.

Have you done any fun experiments?  What else should we try?

2 thoughts on “Summer Science: Naked Egg

  1. How about scavenger hunts? They can take place at many locations and different themed ones in the same place. Take a looks at for plenty of suggestions. I’ll check to see if I have any books with experiments in them. Sounds like searching the internet is a great way for them to become even more comfortable using the many sources out there just waiting to be discovered! Hope you all enjoy the summer, even with MOM slipping in some learning!

  2. I’ve seen the naked egg in our local science center…

    …do you know how to find Polaris, the north pole star? I’ve actually navigated by the stars before so it has a practical application… LOL

    I also figured out the following by simply observing the Moon….

    …the full moon always rises at sunset and sets at sunrise and always directly opposite the sun in the sky…

    …the full moon is approximately due south at local midnight

    …the waxing half moon is approximately due south at sunset

    …the waning half moon is approximately due south at sunrise

    There’s other stuff too but I’m too tired to think of it right now LOL

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